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Why send OTP's on Whatsapp?

The 4 A's will tell you why...

For Activation

Prevent fraud, abuse, and bot spam during account activations.

For Verification

Protect user accounts and data by offering two-step verification.

For Authentication

Avoid account takeovers by enabling multi-factor authentications.

For Authorization

Add an extra layer of security when processing transactions, sharing files or processing signatures.

Why Choose us?

Checkout what value we provide.

Lower Overall Cost

Flexible pricing according to your company needs is possible with our own deployed engine.

Excellent Delivery Rate

We have powerful servers which sends OTP in the blink of your eye.

24/7 Customer Support

Any help, any solution, we are ready to assist you 24/7. We are always there for you.

Privacy Built-In

WhatsApp End-to-end encryption ensures only the receiver can read the OTP message.

Personalised OTP

Whether you are sending login otp or registration otp. You can specify and personalise it.

API Provided

We provide full API documentation and code examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You might be sending OTP on SMS and knowing there is many registration requirements and agency approvals and a bunch of documents required. OtpBird simplifies that using their awesome technology which requires no documentation no approvals, no TRAI registrations, etc.

Yes we do. We send Otp's on all numbers located anywhere in the world which are on whatsapp.

Whenever you send 1 otp to any number that is counted as 1 credit.

Whatsapp is End to end Encrypted while SMS is not. Also there are many regulations in sending SMS worldwide while for whatsapp none.

Yes sure. You can start using now. Get 10 Credits free to test it out.

We use OUR number to send messages. so don't worry on your end.

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Get 10 Credits for free!

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1000 OTP Bundle

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  • Valid for 1 year
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5000 OTP Bundle

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  • Get 5000 Credits.
  • Valid for Lifetime.
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Billed $600 One-time.

10000 OTP Bundle

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  • Get 10000 Credits.
  • Valid for Lifetime.
  • Dedicated Support
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Billed $900 One-time.

Starter Plan

$69 /month
  • Send 500 Otp's every month
  • Renews every month
  • Priority Support
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Pro Plan

$99 /month
  • Send 1000 Otp's every month.
  • Renews every month
  • Priority Support
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Advanced Plan

$399 /month
  • Send 5000 Otp's every month
  • Renews every month
  • Dedicated Support
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